venerdì 18 gennaio 2008


Get ready for the 1008th Sant'Orso Fair. Each year around a thousand artists and craftsman from the Aosta Valley (Italy), exhibit their works, showing with pride and justifiable satisfaction the fruits of their labour. For some it is hobby while for others it is a fulltime profession, though all exhibitors follow traditional craft methods. All of the traditional craft activities can be seen here: wood sculpture and carving, creation of objects in local "ollare" stone , wrought iron, "drap" chloth, wool weaving on ancient wooden looms, as well as lace, wicker, household objects, wooden ladders, barrels... Exhibitors take part in the event not so much for commercial reasons as to come and display their work to a pubblic which is able to appreciate the quality and the crativity of the craftmenship that has been handed down over centuries. Likewise, those who come to visit the fair are searching non to so much for a bargan, perhaps for pratical everyday use or to decorate house, but to experience an atmosphere which is quite unique. Thwe Fair is also an event that highlights those characteristics which give the Aosta Valley people their particular identity. It is not just a major festival of vast proportions, but a celebration of the strong historical and cultural identity of the Valley.
So, dont forget this date: January 30 and 31,
... and have a nice visit to the millenary Fair.(Gericus)

Aosta Valley -Italy-

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