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The President of the United States is regarded as the leader of the free world. The person that calls the shots in the most powerful nation on earth enjoys the kind of influence that the great monarchs of Old Europe would have envied. It takes a driven and dynamic character to get to the top, but once there, what does it take to be a great President? This book examines:
The records of the forty-two men who have taken the post, from George Washington to George W. Bush. The heroes of American politics who took the decisions that have shaped a nation,
and the unfortunates whose therms were cut short by death and disease.
The secrets and the scandals, the victories and the failures, the crises and the triumphs of extraordinary men, whose lives have made the backbone of American history.
This book investigates the lives and achievements of each President through the history of the American presidency, beginning with four great men remembered for their lasting contribution to the success of the nation.

by Peter Eldin, Simon Tomlin and Jamie Stokes
Parragon Publishing Book
First published in 2001
Queen Street House
4 Queen Street
Bath BA 1 HE, UK

Produced by Magpie Books, an imprint of
Constable & Robinson Publishing Ltd, London.
Copyright Parragon 2001
Cover illustration courtesy of Mary Evans Picture Library

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