sabato 12 agosto 2006

COW BOYS & FOOD...(1880)

by Barbara Blackburn.

More than 200 recipes used by frontier housewives and chuck wagon cooks in preparing Foods the Western Way. 150 pages, many illustrations. New menu ideas from Western Americana, where the pioneers came to meals hungry, but left whit appetites well-satisfied.

Recipe #1: Tongue and Chicken Canapes.
Spread toast rounds whit mustard butter. Make a border of finely chopped tongue moistened whit mayonnaise or cream. Fill center whit finely chopped chicken, seasoned and moistened whit mayonnaise or cream. Garnish whit capers, a slice of truffle or a tiny design of ripe olive.

Recipe #2: Bacon and Cheese Canapes.
Rounds of bread. 2 cups shredded sharp cheese 2 slice minced crisp bacon 1/4 teaspoon dry mustard Few grains cayenne
1 tablespoon Worcestershire sause.
Preheat the broiler. Toast the bread on one side. Spread the untoasted side
thicly whit a mixture of cheese, bacon, mus
tard, cayenne, and Worcestershire.
Broil the canapes until cheese is melted.

by Barbara Blackburn
Evans Pubblications.
P.O. Box 1058, Inola, OK 74036 -USA-

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