lunedì 27 novembre 2006


Located in the extreme northwest of the Italian peninsula and surrounded by alpine peaks, the Aosta Valley is located in the "heart" of Europe. It is a real paradise for mountain lovers, from the classic alpine mountaineer to the most "radical" skier, from the fanatic nature lover to the adventurous sportsman: winter and summer in the Aosta Valley mean satisfying everyone's needs while fully respecting nature. The excellent ski facilities have made this Valley famous the world round, hosting World Cup and many other international skiing competitions. The massifs of the Matterhorn, Gran Paradiso and Monte Bianco are the most longed for goals of alpine mountain-climbers, and all the valleys are very popular for hikers. Aosta Valley is history and culture with its Roman and pre-Roman vestiges and Medieval castles that can be seen all over the Valley; with its handycraft whose wooden figurines, lace and all kinds of sculpture are the real protagonists of the regional fairs, and with the folklore, whose brightly coloured costumes are part of the saints' day and carnival, different for each valley. And last but not the least the gastronomic culture, which includes dishes made with 'fontina' fowl, vegetables in season: centuries-old recipes. Closely guarded traditions passed on from generation to generation didn't forbid Aosta Valley's providing with a modern tourist organization and offering a youthful and modern image in Italy and abroad. (Ufficio Regionale del Turismo)

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