lunedì 22 gennaio 2007


ON HORSEBACK IN GRAN PARADISO. Riding has become a still more important reality for the Gran Paradiso territory; thanks to its richness of paths, nature is particularly suitable here for traveling on horseback. You can ride throughout the whole year, on the white expanses of snow in winter, or along the old royal hunting roads in summer; every ride is moreover combined with hearty meals in several farmhouses or in much appreciated restaurants, to let you discover both naturalist and gastronomic aspects of our region. Excursions can be organized following different itineraries suitable for any skill, it's possible either to ride for some hours on the hills of Sarre and Saint Pierre and through the woods of the valley of Rhemes, or to set out on a real "journey" on horseback, from one to six days, choosing the thematic ways for the discovery of Gran Paradiso National Park and its hotels and farmhouses. (Gran Paradiso. Aosta Valley - Italy)

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